a) updating the config file for issue (1) - the invalid options. I haven't done that for a while, and apparently its been addressed. b) adding some explicit dhcp settings to the config file for issue (3).

Custom VPN connections can be imported via OpenVPN config files - e.g. from your work place. By enabling the auto-start toggle you can instruct Netsplice to start a particular connection. Preferences for each connection can be changed using the included editor which displays the values of an OpenVPN config file in a table or a plain text view. Configuring OpenVPN on OpenWRT - IPredator - Blog The OpenVPN configuration for IPredator will be appended to the list of available OpenVPN configurations. The IPredator connection will always use tun1337 as its network interface. The OpenVPN connection will be reestablished if it gets disconnected or terminated. Restricting Transmission to the VPN interface - IPredator Needed files. ferm.conf – ferm configuration file with rules for Transmission. Installation. Install the transmission package on your system by executing: $ sudo apt-get install transmission Configuring Transmission. Your firewall needs to be set up to only allow a single (but large) port range for Transmission's communication.

IPredator - Setting up OpenVPN on Mac OS X Mavericks using

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Config files. Below you find configs for OpenVPN in various configurations. Use the default config to get a routable internet IP address. The NAT config will assign you a RFC1918 IP address and will also shield your client from the internet and other VPN users.

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