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The size of the structure specified by the sizeof parameter found in DRT_SETTINGS with the purpose of allowing new fields in the structure in future versions of the DRT API. cbKey. Specifies the exact number of bytes for keys in this DRT instance. Currently only 8 bytes are supported. Any other values will return E_INVALIDARG via the DrtOpen If you are looking for a new job, interested in boosting your personal brand, enhancing your career, or simply trying to improve your understanding of how other people see you, it is important to In the end the point is settings are cool, and fun to play with! Tx power, I keep it around 35-38.dbm. a change of 3dBm is a 2 fold change. (inverse square law) Meaning if you want 2x the signal level at a given location, and the only thing you can control is Tx power, then a change from 35 to 38, or 1 to 4dBm, etc. is doubling the power output. Jul 05, 2020 · Under PPPoA Settings type in the username given to you by Orange i.e. [email protected] and password that you have set up with Orange. Under Optional Settings(required by some ISPs) set the MTU to manual and set value to 1492 (Default Livebox setting). Under DSL Settings set Modulation to Multimode.

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How to Increase RWIN Value In Windows by Ashish Dung Dung For Windows XP User’s you can use DrTCP. Download DrTCP For Windows Xp. Steps For Increasing RWIN Value of Windows. Just install the software and calibrate your connection. That’s all. Now when you RWIN is increased, you can see better speeds and maximum utilization of … DrTCP - TechRepublic

Jun 19, 2002 · Description of what TCP/IP settings to configure for better performance and quality connection. These settings are configured through the Windows registry, but there also exist utilities to easily configure these settings: DSLReport's DrTCP - Utility to configure the most common settings (Recommended).

DrTCP | PCWorld Jul 06, 2011 DR.TCP - DR.TCP is a neat utility that allows the Administrator to change the various properties in the TCP stack of the operating system. These properties consist of MTU size, TCP receive window, whether the system will send ACK's for received packets e.t.c. These settings can … TCP tuning - Wikipedia