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OpenDNS. Owned by Cisco, OpenDNS has two free options: Family Shield and … DNS Server in United States DNS Server in United States Level 3 - Public DNS Server The free DNS servers listed above as Level 3 will automatically route to the nearest DNS server operated by Level 3 Communications, the company that provides most of the ISPs in the US their access to the internet backbone. Alternatives include,,,,, These servers are often given as Verizon DNS servers but that is not technically the case.

May 29, 2018

Best Free DNS Servers of 2020 | 14 Options to Check Out and Appear to be hosed at the moment and Appear to be hosed at the moment. I'm getting a ton of packet loss going to either server right now from my office and a bunch of my clients' offices. Just a heads up. Solved: How do I change the default DNS to a local DNS assignment is done through DHCP. If your controller is giving out DHCP addresses, then check the scope: show running-config | begin "ip dhcp pool" Look for the dns-server entry for the respective scope. ip dhcp pool vlan10 default-router dns-server domain-name lease 0 6 0 0 network DNS Server List, Fastest IPv4 IPv6 DNS Address ⋆ BEST Oct 05, 2018 - List of Public DNS Servers A DNS server has a very powerful function in network topology. Please keep in mind that it might log your queries (which is a huge information leak). Further, not all of the DNS servers listed above return correct answers in any case.