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How to set up CactusVPN App for Windows | CactusVPN To enable your internet connection back just connect to VPN, disable the Kill Switch or close the CactusVPN app. DNS leak protection – turn on or off the DNS leak protection (What is DNS leak protection?). If DNS leak protection is turned on, you’ll be able to choose which DNS servers you want to use: CactusVPN, OpenDNS or Google Public DNS What Is a DNS Leak & How Do You Prevent It? | CactusVPN Dec 31, 2018 CactusVPN review: Here's Why it Just Missed Out on Top Marks Jan 09, 2019

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For example, there’s DNS and IP leak protection for added safety and protection from hackers or cyber criminals. CactusVPN provides a kill switch that enables you to choose which apps and programs should be turned off first if your VPN stops working properly. Cactus however provide multiple VPN locations and their Smart DNS for 54 per CactusVPN review | TechRadar You get built-in DNS leak protection, too, although oddly that's turned off by default. And there's support for plenty of protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2 and OpenVPN. A quick check of the default CactusVPN OpenVPN settings suggested the service used AES-256-GCM on the control channel, but AES-128-CBC encryption on the data channel.

CactusVPN review: Here's Why it Just Missed Out on Top Marks

The Settings tab gives you some basic options like choosing a protocol, turning the kill switch or DNS leak protection on or off, and toggling when CactusVPN starts. The less common is the App Killer solution, which allows you to choose the programs that’ll close in case your VPN …