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IPv6 Addresses, Security and Privacy — RIPE Labs The choice of the IPv6 address format impacts a host's security and privacy. This article discusses this impact, highlights how current address formats deal with matters of security and privacy, and pinpoints shortcomings in today's addressing mechanisms. IPv6 Address Types - ripe.net This is a mapped address allowing IPv6 tunneling through IPv4 NATs. The address is formed using the Teredo prefix, the server’s unique IPv4 address, flags describing the type of NAT, the obfuscated client port and the client IPv4 address, which is probably a private address. It is possible to reverse the process Private IP Addresses: Everything You Need to Know Jun 12, 2020 IPv6 Explained for Beginners - Steve

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What Is Private IPv6 Address? Taking up a small part of the massive IPv6 address space, the private IPv6 is for special requirements and private use in IPv6 networks. These private IPv6 addresses are only local to a specific link or site, therefore they are never routed outside a particular network. IPv4 Private Address Space and Filtering - American

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RFC 4193 - Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses RFC 4193 Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses October 2005 3.1.1.Background There were a range of choices available when choosing the size of the prefix and Global ID field length. There is a direct tradeoff between having a Global ID field large enough to support foreseeable future growth and not using too much of the IPv6 address space needlessly. Paul's blog: IPv6 and internal networks