If using PHP prior to version 5.4, a workaround may be to modify your Active Directory MaxPageSize setting to make sure LDAP Client searches can return enough user objects to support the number of authenticating users.

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Extension:LDAP Authentication/Kerberos Configuration

Media Services SDKs for Java and PHP support Azure Active

If set, searching for user will be done after binding as this user, if not set the bind will be anonymous. This is reported to make the container work with MS Active Directory, but should work with any server that is configured this way. This has to be a complete dn for now (basedn and userdn will not be appended).

Dec 11, 2008 · Public Function UserInfoAuth(LoginName As String, Pass As String) As String 'PURPOSE: Display information that is available in 'the Active Directory about a given user 'PARAMETER: Login Name for user 'RETURNS: String with selected information about 'user, or empty string if there is no such 'login on the current domain 'REQUIRES: Windows 2000