Import the Public PGP Key. Download the public PGP key (provided in Welcome email, in an .asc file) to your machine. An .asc file is used by PGP encryption. Open a command prompt and enter the path to the .asc file so that you can import the key. Note: This is a one time task.

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PGP Encryption - Overview PGP Encryption - Overview. PGP Corporation holds a registered trademark on the term "PGP" and sells OpenPGP products under the name "PGP" so all uses of "PGP" in MOVEit Central and this documentation are to be treated as the common abbreviation of "OpenPGP" rather than references to PGP Corporation's software except where noted.) Tails - OpenPGP public-key cryptography If you are going to encrypt emails often, we recommend you to set up Thunderbird instead. This technique requires you to use public-key cryptography. If you never used OpenPGP keys before, you might rather want to encrypt your text using a passphrase with OpenPGP passphrase encryption. 2020 PGP Encryption Overview: What is it? | AT&T Cybersecurity