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Make Sure computer is not infected with Virus. Most of the times High CPU or memory usage of …

Here we see Task Managers ‘Process’ view, svchost.exe is running at 97% CPU usage. If we right-click on the process and select ‘Go to service(s)’, Task Manager will jump to the ‘Services’ tab and highlight the services with threads running under this instance of svchost.exe. Svchost.exe processeur 100% LA SOLUTION [Résolu] - Comment Le processus svchost.exe (svchost signifiant Service Host Process) est un processus générique de Windows 2000/XP servant d'hôtes pour les autres processus dont le fonctionnement repose sur des librairies dynamiques (DLLs). Il existe ainsi autant d'entrées svchost qu'il y a de processus qui l'utilisent. Windows XP slow during Windows Update (svchost.exe 100% CPU) Mar 23, 2020