Commissioner for Local Administration n (in Britain) the official name for a local ombudsman who investigates personal complaints of maladministration by police, water, or local authorities, referred through a local-government councillor, and who can require the offending authority …

Local authority - OpenTTD Each town has a local authority that governs the town and its surroundings.. The local authority exists to issue permits for building stations, terraforming, or bulldozing town property. If a transport company's rating is bad, they may refuse to allow that company to build stations in the authority's jurisdiction. Local authorities are environmentalists and are angered when companies cut down Local authority - Designing Buildings Wiki Local authority - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. In 1974, a two-tier administrative structure was established for local government in England and Wales with functions allocated at the level at which they could be practised most efficiently.

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Ldapwiki: Local Security Authority Subsystem Service Overview# Local Security Authority Subsystem Service stores credentials in memory on behalf of users with active Microsoft Windows sessions.Local Security Authority Subsystem Service allows Single Sign-On and Access Control to network resources, such as file shares, Exchange Server mailboxes, and SharePoint sites, without re-entering their credentials for each remote service.

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